The term UPS is an abbreviation for “Uninterruptible Power Supply”. To guard against peaks and drops in voltage, UPS systems are an indispensable security system with a multitude of specialist applications that meet the sophisticated technological demands of the world we live in today. UPS systems are utilized in any situation where a constant, regular and secure power supply is required.
UPS Systems for safe and secure Emergency Power Supply Hospitals, banks, printing houses, computer and logistic centers, broadcasters, surveillance facilities etc. are dependent on a reliable power supply in case of mains failure. Follow up costs and loss of reputation due to power failures are no longer a threat with a UPS system in place.
The constant development of UPS systems with regard to the production of smaller and more compact shapes, the most cutting-edge technology and lowest prices have enabled them to be utilised in every conceivable environment or working situation, for e.g. as industry ups system. With customer specific inventions and adaptations, Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS can supply the optimum UPS solution in all operational sectors and for any application.
TaminTablo (TTC WärtsiläJOVYATLAS) designs and manufactures UPS systems for a various wide range of technical applications and with ratings from 625 VA up to 800 kVA per unit or of several MVA as system solution.


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